Clash Royale, Few changes on July 4

clash royale

Just two weeks ago developers Clash Royale brought us a new set of letters that became areality on June 21, today we are notified of a new balance of the game .

New changes in Clash Royale

As usual, each month Supercell game improves least those letters used by the best players, to try to equate them to others and that none is essential.

  • Skeleton army : added a new skeleton, there will now be 21 instead of 20.
  • Barrel elves : Reduced cost of elixir to 3, increases deployment time to 1.2 seconds and the damage that occurred on impact is eliminated. Since the entry of mining elves barrel ceased to be used, now, with this new change is expected to increase its use. Still downloading or arrows we can destroy them before they hit our tower.
  • Giant skeleton : Increased damage by 20%. The giant skeleton is one of those letters that with a little skill can be easily neutralized. By increasing its damage will end with the elves in one fell swoop.
  • Dark Prince : Increased damage by 8% to equip the prince.
  • Bomber : damage increased by 9%.
  • Mago : increased attack speed going from 1.7 to 1.6 seconds.
  • Infernal Tower : Increased life points by 6%, discharge and ice damage reset.
  • Gravestone : increased life by 9%.
  • Gatherer elixir : it will be affected by spells in addition to the ice mage attack.
  • Torre bomber : Increased life 6%.

Clash highlights changes Royale

As you can see, this new balance of the game Clash Royale free gems comes loaded with new features. The most important changes I think are in the giant skeleton and a barrel of elves, now will see this common combo at low arenas, but hardly used in legendary sand. On the other hand, the change in the infernal tower is clearly to reduce the use of the noble giant, since his shot was increased radio turned most frequently used letters.

The changes will be available on July 4, the date should be close to that of the next update of Clash Royale .


boom beach base troops

Today we bring you the best help we can offer you and be the best you can have for your base Boom Beach and are the different ways you can organize your base to defend yourself against your enemies and be the best player you’ve always wanted to be. So prepare your base because we have many tips for players low, intermediate and high levels that will be of great help.

Things you should never do when organizing your base:

  1. Never leave your Headquarters alone, or it should always be surrounded by Defenses as this is your main building and if it is destroyed, your enemy will be done with all the loot.
  1. And We mentioned above and many times, but never mention it back to ubiques buildings linked because your enemy can destroy them with the help of gunship missiles.
  1. When you organize your village never put Resource Buildings and defensive front of all your defenses buildings, as this will only be of benefit to your enemy to destroy this and take all the energy gained for Gunship.

Base rates so you can organize your Island 

Boom Beach Hack Dock – Recommended Level 1 to 10

If you are low and your HQ also the best place to locate it is at the right edge of your base, ie next to the pier this will make much easier to protect your HQ with all your defenses available. This design has great advantage since not have many defenses at the level you’re on , the defenses that you possess will make your work as it is still easy to defend itself by taking advantage of the few defenses. With headquarters near the pier , is easy to defend from all directions by which your enemy decides to attack.


  • The design makes your base is difficult for those who want to attack them because your headquarters is covered with all defenses and in all directions.
  • Defenses are very close, and this makes can work together eliminating the enemy.


  • Buildings Economy / Resources and Support buildings stand in front of the defenses allow energy to the enemy gunship. Since being low and with few buildings to destroy these buildings is very helpful to the enemy.

Image of a design Dock

Boom Beach Base C – Recommended Level 10 to 20 and higher 

For players of these levels, it is best to locate its headquarters in Center Base . By having your headquarters in the center, it is easier to defend your buildings and support resources as it keeps the attackers away from getting a lot of easy energy for Gunship.

Non defensive buildings are distributed around the perimeter of the base, making it more difficult for attackers to obtain energy by destroying buildings.


  • The buildings are located Defensive not around the base to make it less advantageous the use of energy to destroy them.
  • The enemy goes mostly in one direction and this is, in front of which makes it easier for these pisen the Minas, of course if you’ve properly placed.


  • Despite having Buildings Resource and Support surrounded by defenses, there is always a high probability that these first achieving destroy the enemy gain some energy for your gunship.
  • Design Base C (This is my base so no problem hehehe, admírenla how powerful wajajaja).

Image of a design Base Beach C 

We hope you like the article and continue reading on the next page, now plays the Corner Base and the Base Beach .

One Piece Treasure Cruise: news and in-game bonus for the first year of age

And ‘directly distributes home of the famous game smartphone and tablet One Piece Treasure Cruise to announce important news and free in-game bonus for all players, in order to celebrate the first anniversary of the mobile game Namco Bandai Games worldwide.

one piece treasure cruise walkthrough

Bandai Namco fact is celebrating the first anniversary from the world – and then out of Japan – the game for mobile version One Piece Treasure Cruise hack no survey , and with the excuse also like to thank the more than 7 million players who have made ​​the game download, with lanco of in-game campaigns, events and bonuses. All this to show gratitude to the affection of their supporters.

“Thanks to everyone for the support received! We have reached the first anniversary of Treasure Cruise and we give you the ‘Birthday Extravaganza’. “. The appreciation of all the support and the continuing positive reviews obtained led Namco Bandai to celebrate the first anniversary of the worldwide launch of the game in the smartphone version “with commemorative gifts in game and detailed campaign as follows:

1. Login and immediately receive Chopper Man! All new users and old will get the character as a present!

2. Bonus special for logging during the following periods: February 2, 2016. Event time 16:00, based on GMT.

3. One year gravy-fest celebration: February 9, 2016, with the ability to recruit “Ace” and “Mihawk”.

4. Many other exciting in-game events planned, like other item, “Hime Turtle”, with experience points to the players, and events such as “Bountiful Turtles!” Or “Double the chanche to level up special” !.

All other news of One Piece Treasure Cruise Mobile Version , 1 anniversary, you can follow them on the page of Facebook Fan. 

Source: Namco Bandai UK iOS App Review – Eat or be eaten

The popular online game hack can also gamble on your iPhone for free you now. In the game is about to navigate a ball through the colorful world and to eat as many smaller balls to grow. The aim is to dodge the balls of the other players who have exactly the same in mind. If two balls successive wins each Larger. Anyone who wants to survive, must be as many smaller balls eat as possible and cleverly avoid the larger balls.

Gameplay – cell division with a difference

The gameplay is simple and almost self-explanatory: The fattest ball – or cell if you will – to win. You start with a small ball and eats lying about small beads.Here you busy scoring points with a ball corresponds to a point. At the same time you have to be on guard against your opponents who are only out to eat you and by you to gain weight. The danger is omnipresent and provides appropriate voltage. You too can join you in the team mode with other players and so compete against the rest.


To remain on life, you have reached a certain size, the possibility your ball to share and broaden your face like that. In case of danger the extra balls ensure protection and you have not completely start over, if you are “eaten”. A certain degree of strategic approach is therefore quite helpful.

Control – push cushy

The controls are as simple as the gameplay. As you wipe across the screen, you give the ball the direction. About two other buttons you control the cell division and the “shrinking” function. While it still moves you at the start pretty fast through the 2D world, the globe with increasing mass will become increasingly it is more difficult to capture the size to inferior spheres. A little hard to get used, but the control system is already, after a few runs, you have been a feel for.



With the free app you get yourself a game with a high potential for addiction on your iPhone. The gameplay is simple and makes a lot of fun. In addition, the operation is simple. The displayed advertising holds is very limited and does not fall further negative consequence. Also in-app purchases to the game are not in the way.

Oculus Rift: Tips against the simulator sickness

oculus rift

Virtual reality games with the Oculus Rift are much more intense than regular computer games. As with other drugs but also threatens here after the noise the cat in the form of simulator sickness. However, you can protect yourself.

The Oculus Rift has gone with a surprisingly large package of games at the start. Many expected the Rift make their first experiences with virtual reality, or play for the first time a long-VR title – because so far there was usually only short demos. But virtual reality games have some special features that can trigger the so-called simulator sickness. She is currently the biggest obstacle to overcome VR developers on the way to the mass market.

The causes of simulator sickness lie primarily in different impressions, convey your eyes and your inner ear to the brain. Evolutionists assume that the onset of nausea is a protective response, which the body wants Dredge any poisons which he blames for the different sensations – something like in an alcohol intoxication.

The symptoms affect the eyes (congestion, blurred vision, accommodation disorders), the brain (headache, fatigue, dizziness, concentration difficulties) and the stomach (belching, nausea). For actual vomiting occurred in recent scientific studies, however, only about one percent of the cases – in contrast to seasickness. The infamous barf bag can before VR player so outside. If you are already injured, has about drinking alcohol or is tired, the problems become stronger. For epileptics VR is taboo.

Symptoms may persist even after a VR game. You have to sometimes get used again to the reality. Therefore, experts recommend only 30 to 45 minutes to wait before actively participates again on the road. So get off after a prolonged VR session not directly into the car.

Previous studies have concluded that women are much more affected than men. The causes see researchers in various hormones and that women a larger field than men.

The Age also plays a role: children under twelve will be easier simulator sick than adults over 20, because their senses and their brains have not fully developed and they are still learning to coordinate everything properly. With age the sensitivity then increases again. So be careful when their children desperate to try the new VR goggles, and select it slow games with static camera positions.

When young men even develop VR software, they are themselves statistically the least sensitive group. In addition, they may have been accustomed to the VR in the course of a project. To test whether their simulation is also well tolerated by other people, they should leave it for half an hour to try their mother and their girlfriends so far do not have any experience with VR.

Earlier VR systems whose hardware was not as mature as that of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive , had stronger problems of latency: Your view on the VR-screens was over the head movement to greatly delayed. The Vive and the Rift are not critical here. As long as the software has been programmed lean and the computer is able to maintain the required 90 FPS, should any noticeable delays here. Operate therefore not on systems that do not meet the minimum requirements of eyeglasses the Oculus and Valve. Tips to build a VR-compatible PCs can be found about the coming c’t 8/16.

If the framerate stutter or tighten the image, then let the game are rather until the manufacturer has improved the performance or you upgraded your PC to fit. Sometimes it can help if you reduce the brightness, because in the dark People react generally slower to visual stimuli and tolerate latencies better.

The most important change that must learn developer of VR games is the camera control within the games. So would you like to play a fast first person shooter in VR, this does not so easy because for the high speed is the most players here very quickly foul.

If you look at the start of the Rift portfolio closely, falls on a different tactics of manufacturers with whom they are trying to bypass the simulator sickness. Very conservative with the camera control are about the tower defense game ” Defense Grid 2 “ and the action adventure ” Chronos “. In the first, the player looks at a miniature landscape, in which he sets defensive towers that will always stop new waves of attack. Here, the player looks like a god on the action. Chronos works exclusively with static camera settings. As in the old “Resident Evil”, the view jumps to the next corner, when the hero enters a new room. Both are good entry titles to get used to VR.

Developer Insomniac Games, their first Rift game “shortly Edge of Nowhere want to publish” have experimented a lot with continuous camera movement. The developers took several attempts before they had a comfortable movement found. They dispense the game largely on rotations, at most a slight tilting is possible to look up and down can. Linear motions forward, up, down and to the side are also without problems, just the reverse should be avoided in VR. Since the camera in “Edge of Nowhere” usually drives forward and the level structure is largely linear and not branched as in previous action adventures.

The relative insensitivity forward movements makes also the fast racing game ” Radial-G ” advantage. Here the player is racing as in ancient Wipeout in a futuristic glides over Tubular tracks. The pace is extremely high, but there is only a short acceleration phases, so we still got on the game quite well. Because the organ of balance only reacts to acceleration, but not on constant speeds.

Ubisoft ones available in production ” Eagle Flight “ also uses a trick. When accelerating and when flying a curve the game restricts intentionally a the Sichfeld with a black border, so that there is an artificial tunnel vision. An extensive test session with a beta version, we can therefore well tolerated.

Another trick is “ Techno Lust ” in stock: Here the player can choose if he wants to move with the analog stick liquid forward and turn, or whether this is done in short steps. He Turns the step-function, so the image moves only every second step by step – as in the first 3D role playing 25 years ago. Other approaches such as the bullet train demo of Epic allow the player to beam only between predetermined portals.

Less squeamish there are the Space games like ” Adr1ft ” and ” Eve Valkyrie “. Here the player can rotate around all axes. The developers try to simulator sickness thereby reduce that they render a huge cockpit with a Adr1ft Spaceman helmet and Valkyrie. This should serve as reference points and the eyes can reduce queasy feeling in the stomach. Because if a VR simulation can suggest to the player visually, that is not it moves, but the world around him, then do not collide sensations with those of the vestibular system. We were, however, despite these measures queasy after a few minutes. The two space simulations are only for die-hard VR expert.

Oculus itself classifies games into three categories, which depend largely on the speed and the camera moves in the game. In any case, one should limit the length of a VR session time.Depending on the game should insert after no more than 20 to 30 minutes a break and relax.Over time, your body gets used to the VR. If you feel sick in a game, take a few days break and then try again. You can gradually increase the dose.


‘Piano Tiles 2’ Cheats: Coin Multiplier Hack, Plus Strategy Tips & Tricks


Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap The While Tile 2) is sitting pretty at the top of the free apps chart in the iOS App Store, and for good reason. It’s basically Guitar Hero for your iPhone or Android.

If you’ve been playing Piano Tiles 2 but have been frustrated by how long it takes to collect coins, there’s a way to install a hack that unlocks coin multiplier cheats. To do this however, you will need to have either a jailbroken iOS device or rooted Android device.

Once you’ve done that, install Xmodgames by either going through Cydia on iOS or navigating to this link while on Android. After Xmodgames has been installed, make sure Piano Tiles 2 is not running in the background and then open up Xmodgames.

Install the Piano Tiles 2 mod to unlock the x10 coin multiplier cheat. There is also a mod available for the original Piano Tiles that lets you hack all black tiles to white during all mode.

If installing a Piano Tiles 2 hack isn’t your thing, there are a couple strategic tips and tricks that may help you boost your game without cheats.

First off, keep your eyes as undistracted as possible and make sure not to turn on the mutli-colored tiles option. You may also want to change the default black tile color to something a little bit more eye-pleasing.

Secondly, you want to use two fingers when you play Piano Tiles 2. By using two fingers, each one of your fingers only has to cover two columns of tiles of distance, which means that as the game speeds up, you keep up with it.

Last but not least, consider turning off the sound in Piano Tiles 2 hack no survey . While understandably, sound is a major part of what makes Piano Tiles 2 so great, when you’re hungry for the high score you need to get rid of all distractions.

Fun Piano Tiles fact! There is an online version of Piano Tiles hosted on the Optimus Game Lab website, meaning you can play Piano Tiles in your browser.

Uncharted 4 officially ends its development


The new action adventure starring Nathan Drake opens in PS4 on May 10.

Naughty Dog has confirmed that the highly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End of PlayStation 4 is officially finished and ready to start the process of making discs hit stores worldwide on 10 May.

“Very happy to say that Uncharted 4 has reached today the status gold! Congratulations to the team!” Reads the message posted by the study on Twitter, and it basically is to say that this new action adventure third person has completed development.

“Our best work , ” commented about one of the chairmen of the study, Christophe Balestra, further confirmed with an image that Uncharted 4: The outcome of a Thief occupies more than 45 GB.

Mobile Strike Cheats: infinitely Gold or virus warning?

mobile strike tips and tricks

Mobile Strike is a new free to play MMO strategy game from the makers of Game of War: Fire Age. Your aim is to establish a strong base, alongside forming a similarly strong alliance with other players. Oh, and there’s room to decimate your enemies sometimes too. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the edge on your opponents.


Missions are everything here. Seriously, you’re never going to be short of something to do here. Mobile Strike likes to offer you a series of recommended missions. Listen to it and prioritize those tasks.

You’ll be mostly building things early on, but don’t forget to train troops and research things too.

The early missions will invariably take little time to complete, so enjoy this sense of progression as you keep hitting that speed up button.

The base missions are the main ones you’ll be pursuing, but don’t forget the daily, alliance, and VIP missions too. They can be pretty useful and often take hardly any time to complete.

One quirk of the system is that you have to go back into the mission screen to collect your reward. Don’t forget to do this! Starting out, I forgot, then had a lot of bonuses to pick up at once.

Having said that, when you’re in a series of battles, use this to your advantage. If an enemy attacks, it can’t steal your resources if you haven’t claimed them yet. Bear this in mind and only pull them out when needed.

Completing missions unlocks skill points for your commander, but make sure you spend time assigning those points to them so that you can use such skills in battle.


Unlike other games where resource management is tightly restricted, Mobile Strike lets you go nuts. You can place as many buildings as you like.

Do exactly this. Place as many resource gathering buildings as you can afford. Make sure you keep it balanced, though. Have the same number of each so nothing gets left behind. Also, keep your warehouse upgraded so it can store all those resources safely.

Join an alliance

Everything is better as part of a team. Mobile Strike is no different. Join an alliance and not only will you gain an instant gold bonus, but you’ll have folks to talk to. New missions and objectives unlock too, with more of a focus on raiding enemy outposts.

Also, if your alliance mate buys an in-app purchase, everyone gains a reward.

Attack the quitters

Mobile Strike is new right now, but give it time and people will give up playing. Scout bases to work out who has abandoned the game, then attack them. It means easy profit for you with no risk of reprisal.

Connect to Facebook

Connect your Facebook account to Mobile Strike and you’ll unlock the Gold Mine. You can use the Gold Mine to gift gold to friends and alliance members, as well as receive such presents in return.

Be patient

Resist using your timer boosts unless absolutely necessary. Mobile Strike is a slow burner, so when you have a long timer, you’re better off simply waiting rather than using an expensive boost to skip ahead. Log out of the game for a little while and find something else to do. Your upgrade will have finished soon enough!

Get 100% working mobile strike hack here.

FIFA 16: Gameplay tips for beginners – this is the new FIFA plays

fifa 16 tips and tricks

FIFA 16 plays by no means the same as its predecessor. EA has bolted to the game balance and integrates a number of new gameplay features. We show you how to “No Touch Dribbling” or “Passing With Purpose” successfully uses and give you tips on how you play FIFA 16 as well as possible.  Awesome Site To Get Free Fifa 16 Cons.

EA has at a preview event for FIFA 16 added that the attackers in the predecessor too much advantage had. Therefore, the developer EA Sports has adapted the game balance and, for example, strengthened the defense. The defensive acts somewhat intelligent, is to rooms and also attackers runs faster afterwards than they were in FIFA 15th

So not try to you dribble with your striker through the entire enemy team. Pay attention rather to a good build-up play. Be not too greedy with flat, long passes in the tip. The defenders in FIFA 16 catch balls off more easily than before.

FIFA 16: Tips and Tricks Overview

FIFA 16: press shot button a little longer

In FIFA 16 you need for powerful shots slightly longer press the shot button as yet 15 at FIFA, it usually does not pay to tap the button briefly. Often just one Kullerball do you get.

In addition, you can use it like 16 cutaway shots in FIFA. They are apparently again stronger than its predecessor. For a curled shot you think the upper right shoulder button and pressing the shot button and a direction.

FIFA 16: “Passing With Purpose” is the death Pass

Will you still play fast dangerous passes, their uses in FIFA 16 the new “Passing with Purpose”. This pass is a hard ball to been shot one of your offensive forces.

For this effective passport you hold the upper right shoulder button (R1 / RB) and also presses the pass-key or the key for a pass into the path.You can “Passing With Purpose” try even from a distance.

FIFA 16: No Touch Dribbling

In the duels you can you gain with “No Touch Dribbling” Advantages of FIFA 16th The basic principle involves deception without touching the ball. Barcelona star Lionel explains the measurement in a video.

To 16 “No Touch Dribbling” implement in FIFA, you say that initially pushed the upper left shoulder button. To do this you then presses on the left stick of the controller in one direction. The player then makes about Antäuschungen with the upper body. After that you can make in FIFA 16 new tricks or quick bursts of speed in a different direction in order to trick the enemy. However, it is getting used to at the beginning, and not everyone likes opponents fall for it.

FIFA 16 Coin Generator Hack, by this hack you will be able to get unlimited fifa 16 ultimate team coins and points for completely free of cost.

About snapchat: Photo Effects, Expiration Date, Add contacts


Overthedoortowelrack answers the 13 most frequently asked questions about snapchat with the best tips and tricks for the correct handling of the Messenger app. In Addition You Can Check Snapchat Score Hack Tips & Tricks From Here

Snapchat became the default app for all users who attach importance to the fact that the Messenger deletes sent their media after a short time. Nevertheless, there are many questions about the app: How does the registration as it resolves the 403 error and how to use the video mode?

Confidential Information and Account

To succeed in the snapchat registration

The registration at snapchat is free does, and in a few steps. Snapchat there as an official version for Android and iPhone. However, there is also an unofficial version for Windows Phone. They say 6snap. For BlackBerry users is with Snap2Chat also a third-party solution ready. It is similar to the original lot. Once you have downloaded the app, you tap on Register. He then completes the fields for email address, password and date of birth.

Once you have completed the safety test, do you choose a user name. Finally, there is the option to connect their own mobile phone number with the app. This can be found faster ones and friends that also use snapchat. However, the link is not mandatory.

How to make changes to the account and the personal information

Once you’ve created an account, you can change the personal information at any time. To do that, the overview menu to the point settings. The settings menu is reached via the gear at the top right of the app.

In the settings menu to change the mobile phone number or email address associated with the snapchat account. As a security question snapchat then sends an SMS.

The user name can, however, not change. Nevertheless, in order to select a different snapchat pseudonym, it severs the connection. To do that, turn the general menu, select Settings and then select the point Logout. Then you will create a new account.


Add friends to your contact list

The easiest way to get friends to snapchat contact list to add, is the linking of the app with the phone number. You simply select the contact menu and go to the option Add friends.

The app offers two options: The first tab lists all snapchat persons from their own contact list that also use snapchat. About searching the second tab you snapchat user can find the username. A magnifying glass symbolizes the search function.


To add someone to snapchat contact list, either the phone number or the user name so needs to know.

No alerts when blocking or deletion

Snpachat informs a user does not know when someone else makes his contact list or deleted. If one is blocked by someone from the user’s contact list will disappear. It will also no longer find it on the search. If you remove a contact from the snapchat list, you still appears in the list when other users. But it no longer receives messages from the remote person.


The first steps

Access to the snapchat menus

Snapchat has three menus. Each time you start it automatically enters the central menu with the camera is activated. To access the main menu to come, you tap on the square at the bottom left of the screen, or moves a finger from left to right across the screen. To view the list, you tap on the icon at the bottom right. Alternatively, you draw with your finger from right to left across the screen.

The video mode

To switch from stills to video mode, holding down the shutter button on the display. This app will automatically activate the video mode. With snapchat you take videos with a maximum length of ten seconds on. To share videos with friends in the app works just like the photo sharing.

Set timer for message deletion

For each photo or video, you can choose the period for which it should be visible to the recipient. For this, you select a picture or video, and tap on the clock icon. A menu appears where you select a time between one and ten seconds.

set timer

No import function

Snapchat has no function, with which you can import images or videos from your smartphone in the app. Although this purpose there are some apps such as SnapRoll for iOS, but for safety reasons we do not recommend them.

No comment function

Snapchat has no option to take pictures or videos such as in Instagram to comment. However, you can tag photos and videos with an inscription. Using the brush tool on top of the screen to write freehand text into the picture or video. Moreover, it adds a text by tapping on the display after shooting.

If you want to achieve that a recipient replies to the resulting photo or video, you can these it Please send to another video. To facilitate the delivery of multiple media to a contact, snapchat automatically selects the contact to the last bit has been sent. Nevertheless, one should remember that snapchat was not designed for this kind of conversation.

403 Error Message

Many users complain about the error message with the code 403. It occurs during shipping. The reason lies not in the smartphone. There is a technical problem on the part snapchat. If the error occurs again and again, it often helps if the app only de- and then reinstalled. Does not help also, all that remains waiting. After some time, the problem resolves itself frequently.


Advanced Functions

Store photos with a screenshot

Although snapchat adapted sent not to store images, you can still back them up with a trick. Using the smartphone keys to create a screen, while the corresponding image is displayed on the screen. Therefore, one must be careful even when snapchat who to send what. Get awesome snapchat hack online tool by clicking the link.