Mobile Strike Cheats: infinitely Gold or virus warning?

mobile strike tips and tricks

Mobile Strike is a new free to play MMO strategy game from the makers of Game of War: Fire Age. Your aim is to establish a strong base, alongside forming a similarly strong alliance with other players. Oh, and there’s room to decimate your enemies sometimes too. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the edge on your opponents.


Missions are everything here. Seriously, you’re never going to be short of something to do here. Mobile Strike likes to offer you a series of recommended missions. Listen to it and prioritize those tasks.

You’ll be mostly building things early on, but don’t forget to train troops and research things too.

The early missions will invariably take little time to complete, so enjoy this sense of progression as you keep hitting that speed up button.

The base missions are the main ones you’ll be pursuing, but don’t forget the daily, alliance, and VIP missions too. They can be pretty useful and often take hardly any time to complete.

One quirk of the system is that you have to go back into the mission screen to collect your reward. Don’t forget to do this! Starting out, I forgot, then had a lot of bonuses to pick up at once.

Having said that, when you’re in a series of battles, use this to your advantage. If an enemy attacks, it can’t steal your resources if you haven’t claimed them yet. Bear this in mind and only pull them out when needed.

Completing missions unlocks skill points for your commander, but make sure you spend time assigning those points to them so that you can use such skills in battle.


Unlike other games where resource management is tightly restricted, Mobile Strike lets you go nuts. You can place as many buildings as you like.

Do exactly this. Place as many resource gathering buildings as you can afford. Make sure you keep it balanced, though. Have the same number of each so nothing gets left behind. Also, keep your warehouse upgraded so it can store all those resources safely.

Join an alliance

Everything is better as part of a team. Mobile Strike is no different. Join an alliance and not only will you gain an instant gold bonus, but you’ll have folks to talk to. New missions and objectives unlock too, with more of a focus on raiding enemy outposts.

Also, if your alliance mate buys an in-app purchase, everyone gains a reward.

Attack the quitters

Mobile Strike is new right now, but give it time and people will give up playing. Scout bases to work out who has abandoned the game, then attack them. It means easy profit for you with no risk of reprisal.

Connect to Facebook

Connect your Facebook account to Mobile Strike and you’ll unlock the Gold Mine. You can use the Gold Mine to gift gold to friends and alliance members, as well as receive such presents in return.

Be patient

Resist using your timer boosts unless absolutely necessary. Mobile Strike is a slow burner, so when you have a long timer, you’re better off simply waiting rather than using an expensive boost to skip ahead. Log out of the game for a little while and find something else to do. Your upgrade will have finished soon enough!

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FIFA 16: Gameplay tips for beginners – this is the new FIFA plays

fifa 16 tips and tricks

FIFA 16 plays by no means the same as its predecessor. EA has bolted to the game balance and integrates a number of new gameplay features. We show you how to “No Touch Dribbling” or “Passing With Purpose” successfully uses and give you tips on how you play FIFA 16 as well as possible.  Awesome Site To Get Free Fifa 16 Cons.

EA has at a preview event for FIFA 16 added that the attackers in the predecessor too much advantage had. Therefore, the developer EA Sports has adapted the game balance and, for example, strengthened the defense. The defensive acts somewhat intelligent, is to rooms and also attackers runs faster afterwards than they were in FIFA 15th

So not try to you dribble with your striker through the entire enemy team. Pay attention rather to a good build-up play. Be not too greedy with flat, long passes in the tip. The defenders in FIFA 16 catch balls off more easily than before.

FIFA 16: Tips and Tricks Overview

FIFA 16: press shot button a little longer

In FIFA 16 you need for powerful shots slightly longer press the shot button as yet 15 at FIFA, it usually does not pay to tap the button briefly. Often just one Kullerball do you get.

In addition, you can use it like 16 cutaway shots in FIFA. They are apparently again stronger than its predecessor. For a curled shot you think the upper right shoulder button and pressing the shot button and a direction.

FIFA 16: “Passing With Purpose” is the death Pass

Will you still play fast dangerous passes, their uses in FIFA 16 the new “Passing with Purpose”. This pass is a hard ball to been shot one of your offensive forces.

For this effective passport you hold the upper right shoulder button (R1 / RB) and also presses the pass-key or the key for a pass into the path.You can “Passing With Purpose” try even from a distance.

FIFA 16: No Touch Dribbling

In the duels you can you gain with “No Touch Dribbling” Advantages of FIFA 16th The basic principle involves deception without touching the ball. Barcelona star Lionel explains the measurement in a video.

To 16 “No Touch Dribbling” implement in FIFA, you say that initially pushed the upper left shoulder button. To do this you then presses on the left stick of the controller in one direction. The player then makes about Antäuschungen with the upper body. After that you can make in FIFA 16 new tricks or quick bursts of speed in a different direction in order to trick the enemy. However, it is getting used to at the beginning, and not everyone likes opponents fall for it.

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About snapchat: Photo Effects, Expiration Date, Add contacts


Overthedoortowelrack answers the 13 most frequently asked questions about snapchat with the best tips and tricks for the correct handling of the Messenger app. In Addition You Can Check Snapchat Score Hack Tips & Tricks From Here

Snapchat became the default app for all users who attach importance to the fact that the Messenger deletes sent their media after a short time. Nevertheless, there are many questions about the app: How does the registration as it resolves the 403 error and how to use the video mode?

Confidential Information and Account

To succeed in the snapchat registration

The registration at snapchat is free does, and in a few steps. Snapchat there as an official version for Android and iPhone. However, there is also an unofficial version for Windows Phone. They say 6snap. For BlackBerry users is with Snap2Chat also a third-party solution ready. It is similar to the original lot. Once you have downloaded the app, you tap on Register. He then completes the fields for email address, password and date of birth.

Once you have completed the safety test, do you choose a user name. Finally, there is the option to connect their own mobile phone number with the app. This can be found faster ones and friends that also use snapchat. However, the link is not mandatory.

How to make changes to the account and the personal information

Once you’ve created an account, you can change the personal information at any time. To do that, the overview menu to the point settings. The settings menu is reached via the gear at the top right of the app.

In the settings menu to change the mobile phone number or email address associated with the snapchat account. As a security question snapchat then sends an SMS.

The user name can, however, not change. Nevertheless, in order to select a different snapchat pseudonym, it severs the connection. To do that, turn the general menu, select Settings and then select the point Logout. Then you will create a new account.


Add friends to your contact list

The easiest way to get friends to snapchat contact list to add, is the linking of the app with the phone number. You simply select the contact menu and go to the option Add friends.

The app offers two options: The first tab lists all snapchat persons from their own contact list that also use snapchat. About searching the second tab you snapchat user can find the username. A magnifying glass symbolizes the search function.


To add someone to snapchat contact list, either the phone number or the user name so needs to know.

No alerts when blocking or deletion

Snpachat informs a user does not know when someone else makes his contact list or deleted. If one is blocked by someone from the user’s contact list will disappear. It will also no longer find it on the search. If you remove a contact from the snapchat list, you still appears in the list when other users. But it no longer receives messages from the remote person.


The first steps

Access to the snapchat menus

Snapchat has three menus. Each time you start it automatically enters the central menu with the camera is activated. To access the main menu to come, you tap on the square at the bottom left of the screen, or moves a finger from left to right across the screen. To view the list, you tap on the icon at the bottom right. Alternatively, you draw with your finger from right to left across the screen.

The video mode

To switch from stills to video mode, holding down the shutter button on the display. This app will automatically activate the video mode. With snapchat you take videos with a maximum length of ten seconds on. To share videos with friends in the app works just like the photo sharing.

Set timer for message deletion

For each photo or video, you can choose the period for which it should be visible to the recipient. For this, you select a picture or video, and tap on the clock icon. A menu appears where you select a time between one and ten seconds.

set timer

No import function

Snapchat has no function, with which you can import images or videos from your smartphone in the app. Although this purpose there are some apps such as SnapRoll for iOS, but for safety reasons we do not recommend them.

No comment function

Snapchat has no option to take pictures or videos such as in Instagram to comment. However, you can tag photos and videos with an inscription. Using the brush tool on top of the screen to write freehand text into the picture or video. Moreover, it adds a text by tapping on the display after shooting.

If you want to achieve that a recipient replies to the resulting photo or video, you can these it Please send to another video. To facilitate the delivery of multiple media to a contact, snapchat automatically selects the contact to the last bit has been sent. Nevertheless, one should remember that snapchat was not designed for this kind of conversation.

403 Error Message

Many users complain about the error message with the code 403. It occurs during shipping. The reason lies not in the smartphone. There is a technical problem on the part snapchat. If the error occurs again and again, it often helps if the app only de- and then reinstalled. Does not help also, all that remains waiting. After some time, the problem resolves itself frequently.


Advanced Functions

Store photos with a screenshot

Although snapchat adapted sent not to store images, you can still back them up with a trick. Using the smartphone keys to create a screen, while the corresponding image is displayed on the screen. Therefore, one must be careful even when snapchat who to send what. Get awesome snapchat hack online tool by clicking the link.



Clash of Clans is a structural and battle strategy game from publisher Supercell. We give tips and tricks to make your clan win faster. Clash of Clans tips. The end of December we told you Clash of Clans App Store presented in detail. Now we give you valuable tips and tricks on the subject jewels, trophies and elixirs as well as information on how your best build your settlement to construct the optimal defense.

As a preliminary it is clear that Clash of Clans is a multi-player game. Therefore excludes you as soon as possible to a clan. The players are determined you many tips and tricks to call, organize joint raids and you rush defense case for aid.


Resources you can easily get through raids on enemy villages. Used but not all the troops, led some in order to defend and reserve back.

Jewels you get when you fall trees, fungi collected and disposed of rocks. Invests the collected jewels in site huts, so that your new building constructed or existing can expand faster.

Cups you will receive if your online plays against opponents and wins or much destruction havoc. As a calculation example: 1,000 trophies bring 200 jewels.

Build as soon as possible a camp for dark elixir and then brings you to 10,000 units the barbarian king. He can not die and is recovering at no cost through sleep.

Protects your town hall. The top priority. Reason: If the city hall first destroyed, the attacker has won. In addition, the City Council provides an important resource for your progress in the game. It is thus clear that the Town Hall should be in the middle of your settlement. Gold and elixir bearings should then be accurate at the Town Hall, so the two objects can also be mitverteidigt equal. Then placed all defensive weapons in a circle around this center.

Then come the walls. You can also build two to three districts and surrounded by walls. So the attacking enemy is progressing very difficult and your defense weapons have more time. Uses bombs and leghold traps at strategic points. Accesses an experienced opponent from the air, all these measures are of course useless. Therefore expanding the air defense.

The Clan Castle deserves special attention. The higher your increase in the levels, the more troops you are thanks to the castle available. The Dragon Can you get when the Clan Castle has at least Level 3 and can accommodate 20 troops. A PEKKA is available when the castle is Level 4, and thus can accommodate 25 troops.

Our conclusion

Clash of Clans App Store can be downloaded for free for iPhone and iPad. In our opinion the game belongs to the best building games that there are currently in the App Store.

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